Smiles Are Free, Merely They Are Worth A Lot.

Smiles are free, merely they are worth a lot.

The best collection of quotes too sayings for every province of affairs inwards life.

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It Doesn't Affair Who Wound You, Or Broke You Lot Down, What Matters Is Who Made You Lot Grin Again.

It doesn't affair who wound you, or broke you lot down, what matters is who made you lot smile again. 

The best collection of quotes together with sayings for every province of affairs inward life.

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Inspirational, Motivational, Funny & Romantic Quotes -
Love Quotes | Funny Quotes | Quotes most Life | Motivational Quotes | Life Quotes | Friendship Quotes | Daily Quotes | Positive Quotes | Encouraging Quotes | Favorite Quotes | Romantic Quotes | Famous Quotes | leadership Quotes | Inspirational, Motivational, Funny & Romantic Quotes

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What If The Somebody Who Made Y'all Smiling Is Besides The Somebody Who Hurts You? Why Facial Expression For Someone To Brand Y'all Smile? Stone Your Ain Positive Unloose Energy As Well As Smiling To The Sky.

What if the someone who made y'all grin is too the someone who hurts you? Why await for someone to brand y'all smile? Rock your ain positive unloose energy together with smile to the sky.

The best collection of quotes together with sayings for every province of affairs inwards life.

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Inspirational, Motivational, Funny & Romantic Quotes -
Love Quotes | Funny Quotes | Quotes almost Life | Motivational Quotes | Life Quotes | Friendship Quotes | Daily Quotes | Positive Quotes | Encouraging Quotes | Favorite Quotes | Romantic Quotes | Famous Quotes | leadership Quotes | Inspirational, Motivational, Funny & Romantic Quotes

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Seven ways to make your perfect smile

Nothing can beat a beautiful smile, and the following seven ways to get a photo of a beautiful smile according to experts toothpaste.

perfect smile

1. Try to create a color contrast between the color of your skin and teeth in order to make your teeth look brighter.

2. If you have a thicker upper lip, try to show off a few your teeth when smiling. However, if you have a thin upper lip, try to smile so that the bottom edge of the upper teeth touch the bottom lip you.

3. If you want your teeth sparkling in the photograph, dental Dampen with water before taking a picture.

4. Try using a red or pink lipstick with a blue tinge to make your teeth look brighter. Lipstick color such as rock or orange color makes your teeth look yellow. Also, add lip gloss before using lipstick, to pop up when she smiles.

5. Return the eight pieces of your teeth, it's the perfect amount for a beautiful smile.

6. A smile is based on the shape of your face. If you have a long face shape, the better to highlight aspects of horizontal teeth. Meanwhile, if your face is square-shaped, try a grin. This will help your face appear more oval.

7. Know your corner and pick the appropriate image angle. Tilt your head while posing for photos. Most people do not have perfect symmetry so that you can get a more interesting angle if you are not facing straight into the camera.


5 Steps to the Perfect Smile

Perfect smile with teeth neat and clean certainly boost the confidence dirt. Unfortunately, small dental problems can sometimes disrupt the overall appearance. Therefore, make sure you do the following five steps:

Perfect smile

1. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day, especially after eating sweet foods and drink tea or coffee. The most appropriate way brushing your teeth is by laying the toothbrush in a position of 45 degrees and slowly brush in a circular motion, rather than the movement back and forth. Remember to replace your toothbrush at least 2-3 months. Another option is to clean up is by eating an apple.

2. Use dental floss, so no leftovers are slipped in between your teeth.

3. Gargle with mouthwash solution or Apple Cider Vinegar. Do this in the morning and brush as usual. Vinegar is said to help clear up blemishes, whiten teeth and kill bacteria in the mouth and gums. Another option is you can gargle with baking soda once a week. This will help clean the stains and whiten teeth. Use the proper toothpaste. Salt can also be used as another option, but make sure you throw it away because if ingested will be sodium.

4. Use a tongue scraper every morning to clean the plaque on the tongue and can freshen breath. The main cause of bad breath is bacteria growing on the tongue. Plus, tongue cleaners are more effective than using a toothbrush to clean.

5. Select the color of coral or pink so that the teeth look whiter. While the soft color of lipstick can make a yellowish color on the teeth.


Secrets to Getting the Perfect Smile

Indeed, that smile has many benefits both for themselves and others. Only with a smile, we can improve the mood was ugly. In order to get a perfect smile, there are some interesting tips that you can do to make you smile maximum. Listened to yes!

perfect smile

1. Have a fuller upper lip? Try to show little teeth when smiling. If the upper lip is thin, then try to smile so that the bottom line of the upper teeth touch the bottom lip.

2. Did you know that teeth can look shiny in photos? Wet your teeth with proper water shortly before photos to create a sparkling effect.

3. When you're choosing a lipstick, invest in red with blue Undertone. The use of color lipstick will make your teeth whiter. Trust me, it works!

4. When being photographed, press the tongue on the palate male and 8 show top gear to produce a perfect smile.

5. The experts found that a smile brings important advantages, among which are lowering heart pressure and helps reduce stress. So if more stress, try the mirror and smiled. Who knows your stress is reduced.

6. The smile of a gap between the upper teeth and lower teeth is approximately as wide as one of the little finger. Do not smile 3 fingers yes, breadth!

7. Know your angle and maximize. Tilt the head according to mainstay angle when photographed. Most people currently do not have a symmetrical smile on his face. I myself still good from the right angle, heh he-he ...

8. Finally, exercise for the lips that will frame your white teeth. Lip pucker aerobics. Like how is that? Tricks to promote your lips, yes, like a teenager being the selfie with the advanced lip for. Well, continue to do up to 10 seconds and repeat up to 5x.

The most important thing when a smile is you have white teeth. Therefore choose the best toothpaste to whiten your teeth.

Having white teeth a lot of benefits. According to the infographic, the benefits of having white teeth among others, can make look five years younger, increase the attractiveness, increasing the chances of getting a job (ah time anyway?), And is able to attract the opposite sex.


The Smile Was Easy but Difficult

Every person has the experience of each of the bitterness and sweetness of life. Live in this world requires the faith and strength to be able to live it. If you dare, then you will win and your life will be happy. However, if you are desperate and give up, then you will fail and finally can end your own life because it is not strong to face the realities of life. 

Perfect smile

The smile can be deceiving, but the heart never lies. From the outside, someone may look very cheerful and happy. However, do we know what is in his heart? Maybe she was lonely or could be less affectionate. Alternatively, do you ever see a jerk and evil of appearance? It is merely the eye. Maybe he is a man of compassion, caring, and love for fellow human beings.

Smile. Words that is easy to do but difficult to understand. How did it happen? Because we are not able to understand, whether the person is the sincere smile or just a delusion.

A great person is one who is able to maintain his smile when his heart cannot smile. What does it mean? Meaning that he is a powerful personal. He was able to show his smile to others even though he was in a fragile state. Although many people would say, he was strange. However, the question is, are we can be like him who is able to smile even though his heart was not?

No more hypocritical. His foul, but unfortunately the smile he gave very sweet so that the saw will be stunned and fascinated. He is well with everyone. However, behind, lips accustomed to smiling it will give scorn to others. 

People who have many flaws in his life, but still had the courage to smile always amaze me. Easy but it is actually very difficult to do when we are in the bitterness of life.

"Keep smiling, cheese. I know you're strong." many say so. Yes, I know I am strong. A smile is too easy for me. I can do it. However, it has too much hurt inside. Moreover, I pretend to do that (smile). 

I want to see people in this world while maintaining a smile in her lifetime may be filled with a steep mountain road. Not easy to do, but it must be done. Do not ever let yourself look weak in the eyes of others, be personally resilient even let yourself look great and extraordinary in the eyes of others. 

Do not let the world change your smile. 
Let your smile change the world.

One thing we need to always remember. God never gives a trial or test that you are not able to cope. If you are not able to survive, then you are just a loser. No matter that there is no way out. Be a strong person to live this life. God will definitely give the best road if we want to try and unyielding. Keep smiling to the world, do not let the world change us, we have to change the world with our smiles.

Bitterness and sweetness of life are the way god gives a lesson to us that life is not as easy as you imagine and necessary struggle to conquer them. Make the experience as a teacher of the most valuable in life.


Ways to Be Smiling

A smile is a form of gratitude, heartened, low self-esteem and have a great soul. That smile had a deep sense. Because with a smile that there is something special. The only special thing we get from a sincere smile.

Perfect smile

Many ways to make us smile, for example, think of something funny, a friend recalled, thinking about the strangeness of the world, hanging with friends, telling stories with friends or relatives, and so on. If you smile, then it will make your life better and will give you happiness. Because of that smile gives sensation to the brain and blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, the smile can give inner strength that makes us a better person.

If you want to learn to smile, it will be easier to do it with the help of another person, for example by gathering with friends and sharing stories with them. So you feel that you are not alone and you will feel that the smile had to be done.

Everyone wants a success in his life. To achieve success in life there are several requirements that you must meet among others that have the capital, unyielding, happy, grateful, keep fighting and so forth. One thing that can cause people to become successful is to be happy and to address all the problems with a calm heart. Nah display smile role is needed. Because a smile can give a good change for someone who wants a success.

Smile while you can do it. Because there is no case will you pay if you are smiling? Whatever your current condition, with a smile, you will think positively about life. With a smile, you have become a person who is able to give thanks for what has been given by god. Have positive thoughts about life is the first step towards success.

The meaning of positive thinking and a smile

If you think that we live our lives is very difficult and very burdensome to you, then you should constantly think of a good thing. Because by so doing, you will be able to give change in your life toward change for change towards the better. Try to imagine if you continue to think positive in facing this world, then everything you do is going to feel good and no bad things in your life.

If you often smile, then it will make our mind becomes positive. With a positive mind, then you can think well and behave good results. And all it was a good start for your life. Smile it will bring to the greatness of themselves so that their smile will get what he is looking for. And if he is not getting what he wants, then he will keep smiling and do not be discouraged to get it.

If you start to get used to smiling to others, then get on because it was a good start for your life. However, if you still can not do it, then you can try the following:

Adapt to the environment

Try to continue to adapt to your environment. Whether it's your neighborhood or workplace. Try to find the easy smile, made him a friend and learn from him to start your first smile. Feel that the smile he gives it can make you happy. Feel that the smile was not as difficult as you think. And begin to smile to yourself and to him.

Learn to socialize

Do not live alone or live shut up. Realize that the world is not as small as you think. Try to open your eyes. Go to the place that a lot of people and begin to learn to socialize with them. See you smile people around you. Feel the beauty of the smile. Feel how a smile can make you feel appreciated and happy.

Do what the successful people

Successful people that can do a good thing because they believed and believe that life is beautiful and they sure can give a good change for others at every opportunity. Look how sweet smile successful people. How usually they smile in front of everyone all the time, but maybe they're faced with a big problem.

Keep stepping to pursue their future goals

If you have a goal or future goals, then you should try strongly to attain. Smile more than usual, then feel pleasure of a smile that you do. Then assure you that you are able to reach their future goals you want.

Never give up to keep trying to smile. Never feel bored to try if you still have not been able to smile. Try and keep trying. And you will manage to smile.


A Smile as the Principle of Life

A smile is a form of expression in the form of a beautiful expression on someone's face. But actually smile not only possessed by human beings, animals, plants, oceans, mountains, even though clouds may like to smile at us if inside us there are smiles and happiness.

Perfect smile

A smile is a very easy thing to do, a smile is a natural thing if people are happy and feel pleasure. But to make a smile as a form of expression that is inherent in the self as a form of self-identity is a difficult thing to do. Maybe there who think that people who smile it relates to a particular ethnic or tribe who already have habits and customs to smile and friendly to everyone. Initially, I was having such a presumption. But with the amount I get along with people who have different ethnic backgrounds and different customs, it becomes undeniable.

A smile is a form of expression that is very difficult to do, especially if it is facing the problems of life. And whether the expression of a smile would solve our problems?

I will try to tell you a little about my experience to smile. I never get problems that come suddenly, and it really destroys my mood.

Get into trouble like that make me into a sullen expression. And it turns out my facial expressions were sullen and disagreeable it very disturbing others. There are even people who came wanted to help solve my own problems, even avoiding to meet with me because they think I'm not inviolable. Nah, misinterpretation of them has backfired for me. When I needed help from them, but because my face did not smile, they finally decided to stay away from me. So, I feel how the effects of my sullen expression. I sometimes chestnut smile as if I put it then maybe everything will change.

After a bad experience, I kept trying to learn to smile and learn to show the face of a welcoming and friendly even though many of the problems I have been facing.

For many years I kept trying to install a friendly facial expression and smile. I did this so that the smile was always attached and could become my identity. However, it turns out it is not easy to do.

I continue to learn by imagining the smile off my teachers who taught me. My teacher always gives a smile when you're teaching. And I know they are the sincere smile in order to please his students like me.

They have things I do not have, namely sincerity. It is exactly what the cause of the smile they give a very beautiful and become a panacea for others. And that's the magnet so that others closer to them.

A sincere and genuine smile can be a driving force and effect instant mood.

I realize that lately I always have a lot of problems in life. This life never turns out the same as torii ever learned in school. Then no matter how hard I think still I need is wait and try to resolve these problems. Then I tried to smile sincerely, looking at a mirror. At first, glance seems nothing has changed of expression and mood in my heart.

Jiffy gets happiness faster than the speed of light so that always accompanies happiness. Therefore I try to always put a smile on my face as identity and try to make the principle of life so that my heart and mind become more open.

As early as before I decided to make a smile as a part of my life, I am still grateful that there are still many others who want to help me in solving all the problems that I face. And I should be able to provide the best for the people who have helped me that, specifies the minimum with them a sincere smile.


Live you are Day with a Smile

When we experience a failure, we wept and were disappointed with despair. However, it turns out the crying and the disappointment of not the slightest change the situation and bring a success. It actually adds to the burden of ever-increasing.

Perfect smile

When we were seen as a despicable person for an offense that we do, then glory will slowly disappear from our lives. When honor is lost, then we will fail due to our own negligence (ie were maintain a deep sadness over a problem which we are facing), and then finally we get stressed and end up mentally ill because they could not cope with the situation.

Cry over a defeat would only lead to misfortune for themselves. Crying over a bad state and are immersed in it will only add to the mind in the heart and brain. And it would be bad for the body and soul us if ever we continuously dissolved in prolonged sadness.

Cry when getting a severe problem that is a natural thing. But if it keeps crying, then you become a useless person. You have to get up, do not let the tears that have been out of the hopeless. Do not let your eyes water only becomes water-smelling garbage.

The cry was quite awhile to shed any resentment. Then you have to remove your eyes water, and then you have to smile and be ready to face the problems we are facing.

Why should smile? Yes, we have to smile because a smile after we tired of crying for ourselves always in trouble, then we will be able to think clearly and could bounce back.

With a smile brains and our hearts will be fresh again to think what we should do in order to solve the problems we are facing.

Try to see life with a soul full of smiles. Do not ever feel that we are human beings the most disadvantaged in the world. Do not ever feel that we are the most despised in the world.

Realize, there are still others who are poorer than you, believe that it is not only you who have severe problems in this world, believe that you are not alone in this world.

Remember, no man is perfect in this world. No man is no longer happy in this world always possible when you see a wealthy man you would think that how good and happy to be rich. Know that not necessarily people you see are people who are happy. Because the property is not a guarantee for happiness. Could be a problem that he had exceeded the severity of the problem we are facing.

Indeed we have the right to cry and no one can forbid you to cry. However, lest you continue to cry over what had happened to you. Try to change your mind becomes more positive with a smile. More make yourself become strong by trying to smile.

Not a trial make yourself forget that you are only a man who has a lot of mistakes. Do not you stay alive and drowned in grief.

We are a weak man. We, humans, are helpless. However, try to smile to show the world that we are a strong and resilient figure. Lest kit regarded as a poor man just because we do not know how to smile.

Let us begin today with a smile. However, your situation, whatever your problem, start everything with a smile.


Let Us Smile Because a Smile Was a Lot of Benefits

A smile is an act that is the easiest to do, but the benefits are great both for oneself and for others. If you are the type of people who are lazy to smile, it helps you to read this article so that you're more likely to give a smile to the world.

Perfect smile

With a smile, you will find happiness

Try to force yourself to smile for 30 seconds from now. Do well when you are facing a problem. By familiarizing yourself to smile and do not care about how you feel on time, then your body will happen reaction chemical reaction that can make you feel happy. Try to feel your smile difference before and after your smile.

For example: when you lose something you care items and already you're looking nowhere but has yet to meet, try to think and sit for a minute and imagine how stupid you circuitous just looking for your goods and smile. Then you'll remember where the last time you put the object and you will find it.

Smile can change your condition

If you're feeling desperate, angry and bored, a smile will change your emotional state is unstable becomes more stable. Your condition will be more positive when you smile. And a condition that is positive not only make your life happier but also reopen your mind being upset over problems. You will see a different world through the lens of life in a healthy thought. From there you can start to build were positive actions and can easily interact with many people every day.

Smile can change the situation

If you walk into a room or go into a store with a smile on your face, then everything will be different. Everyone who sees you will turn a smile too (reply smile you give to them). This will help melt any tension or stiffness there. Your interaction will be more open, the situation will become more relaxed and filled with excitement.

But if you do the opposite ie go into a room with a face that looks dull and angry, then there will be no one who smiles with you. There may be one or two people who will smile, but not a happy smile, but the smile teasing and snide. Consequently, in the room, you will feel excluded and will not be established a good interaction between you and others.

It would not hurt if you smile

If asked to choose between a frown, a blank look or a smile, it seems that the last option is the best option to do. But sometimes you forget to smile or maybe you do not really like to smile to others. But if you always try to use your smile, then over time you will be in the habit of smiling.

If you include people who always take into account gains and losses for all things, then I want to ask one thing: if you get a loss when you smile? Not right? Therefore try to smile from now.

Easier to smile than vice versa

What is hard to smile? No hard is not it? With your smile will look more beautiful, with a smile, you will look more attractive. Why are you still afraid to smile? Try to learn to smile a little and feel the effects of your smile.

From the description above we can know that the smile is easy and does not cause a disadvantage for you. Be destroy smile can provide many advantages for themselves or for others. Therefore from now on, let us learn to smile. Smile to everyone that the world is changing for the better.


Smile for Health Benefits

A sincere smile is a very effective drug as a remedy for the heart that is being sad and annoyed. Any visible smile on someone's face the much less visible smile of a loved one will look very beautiful and captivating. In addition to beautiful, was smiling also have positive effects on health, the following benefits for the healthy smile:

Perfect Smile

A smile that can make the young

Did you know that it takes 43 muscles to make a sullen expression and smile only take 17 muscles? This is why if you often sullen and surly displays will make your aging faster than smile often. This is because when the smile, not much muscle you use, and actually muscle is what makes your face look always tight and beautiful.

The smile can make you look more attractive

I want to ask you, which is more beauty, pouting girl or girls that smile? So obviously if the more beautiful it is the smiling woman. The smiling woman will look more beautiful and more friendly so that beauty would come out of the smile he gave.

The smile can change the mood

You try to stand in front of a mirror and then you smile. If you become more beautiful? The answer is yes. You should know that smile that can give happiness to the people who see it.

The smile was contagious happiness

Believe me, when we see a sweet and sincere smile of a person, then our hearts will feel cool and comfortable around him. That's the name of happiness. So it can transmit a smile of happiness to those who see it.

Smile it can maintain immunity

When he smiled, the immune function in the body there will be increased so that the person will feel more relaxed and comfortable. That moment, your blood pressure will decrease and stabilize. This indirectly proves that smile you can help the immune system to work better.

It can hide a tired smile

While stressing because of work or being hit by a problem, then smile. Because a smile can make your fatigue is visible on the face disappears. The effects of smiling can reduce your stress so that you can take to think well in making decisions.

The smile is a natural remedy

Research shows that with the smile you have been releasing endorphins, serotonin and other compounds that can reduce the pain. Which is why after you smile you will feel much better.

A smile that can increase confidence

People who smile will have a high level of confidence when compared with those who rarely smiled.

It can make your smile more positive personal

With a smile, our mind will be calmer. Especially if you're facing a problem, then smile so that you become more relaxed brain so you can think more calmly to take an action in solving the problems you're facing.

Last, do not think twice to smile. Start now get used to smiling so that your mind health and well maintained. Be a positive person with a smile.


Face All Problems with a Smile

Every human life must be getting and felt a problem in his life. When getting a problem, do not ever feel that only you get a problem like this. Do not ever complain about the matter at hand. If you feel your burden heavier than any other human being, it is because god sees us as being more powerful than any other human being.

Perfect Smile

God is teaching us to be strong and resilient. To provide a test which we think is very heavy, it means that god wants us to be a great person.

By giving a tough problem, meaning god is dear to us. God want us to become a stronger person in life. God wants to teach us about the meaning and significance of actual life.

If you feel squeak with your problem, then you come to god and ask him to give instructions and ask him so you can solve all the existing problems properly.

Sometimes, the only way to solve a problem is by justifying how you think the problem you're facing. If you look at a problem as a burden, then forever you will not be able to resolve the problems being faced. However, if you look at the lakeside issue as a test and a foundation to jump higher, then you have become a great human being.

In dealing with a problem, do not ever find out who is right and wrong. Due to finding out who is wrong and who is right, it will never solve your problems. Discussion and cooperation are key in solving a problem. No problem that does not finish if you want to finish it.

When you are angry peaked, then smile and be patient. Patient and make yourself smile is a good way to start. Do not you think that when you fall means you've lost. You realize that fall is a valuable lesson to learn on their own.

The problem is a test to the maturation itself. So there is no reason to blame others when you hit obstruction problems. Try to clean them and try to be an adult.

Have you smiled today? Do not let the problems you face to make you smile. Because the smile will ease the burden you are facing.

When the problems you get very heavy and can not afford your face, try a little smile and a sigh. It will make your mind a little bit cleaner and pep up your life.

Each issue was certainly no solution. But maybe you have not seen an eye. Keep trying our best to live and resolve problems that you face. Believe me, no matter how serious the problem you are facing, it does not exceed the limits that you have.

Any issues that you face, do not ever give up on the issue. Because in reality, the problem is to strengthen yourself if you want to learn and want to find what is contained behind all the problems you face.

Remember that anger is not going to make the problem you face become easier to solve. Even angry can make the problem you are facing is becoming more difficult to resolve.

Tears will never restore what has been missing from your life. Tears are just an expression of sadness without empowerment in facing the problem.

Smile in the face of existing problems, because with your smile will be minded quiet and comfortable in resolving problems.

Do not ever run away from the problem at hand. Flee because of a problem will not solve the problems that be faced, but instead will add a new problem. Be an adult and brave in facing the problem. Because the more you dare to face the problem, then you will become a powerful personal.

Last, be a strong man, be a great person to be able to confront and resolve the issue properly. Keep smiling when facing severe problems, because a smile can lighten your brain in thinking of looking for the best way in dealing with problems.


The Fact of a Smile

A smile is an expression that emanated from the curve of the lips. The facial expression is the most studied scientifically by researchers. Through a book called lip service, Marianne Lafrance, Ph.D., professor of psychology at yale university reveals about facts concerning smile. The following facts about the smile:

Perfect Smile

People smiling with a width has a longer life

Photo analysis of 230 baseball players showed that they were a big smile will live 4.9 years longer than subjects who smiled thinly. Subject grinning could even live 7 years longer than the baseball player who did not smile at all. We can conclude that a wide smile could have an impact on longevity. And we need to know that a smile can describe positive feelings related to a prosperous life.

It moves smile unconscious forces

In one study, subjects are shown a picture of a smiling face in a time of 4 milliseconds. Though not consciously see people smiling face image, the subject perceived the world is better when compared to other groups that are not shown in the figure of a smile. For them, something boring becomes more interesting, visual images are perceived more positively.

That happiness can be contagious passing smile

In an article published in the British medical journal reported that a smile can spread the love. If there is someone who is happy in a social network, happiness can be transmitted to two others. So when you smile then there have transmitted a happiness to two people. What if you give a lot of smiles to others? Of course the more you transmit happiness to others.

There are two types of smiles in this world

There are two types of smiles, a smile that is genuine and fake smiles. Genuine and fake smiles governed by two neural pathways are distinct and separate. People with brain damage can still smile even unintentionally despite not being able to smile with his own wishes. Scientists speculate that humans evolve to be forced a smile. This evolution is considered advantageous to mask the fear and anger experienced by humans.

The original look of the eyes smile

To distinguish between the genuine and fake smile, then look at both eyes of the person who is smiling. When someone smiles wide as happy, the facial muscle called the orbicularis oculi will contract unnoticed. smile the original will be visible on the skin wrinkles around the eyes. If someone force a smile, the muscles around the eyes will not move at all. That causes a fake smile that did not leave anything on the facial expression.

A smile that could speak

Each culture looked at the expression of a smile in a way that is different. In japan, a smile is characterized by eye smile while in the united states is more focused towards the lip.

This is a fact related with a smile. May we always be able to smile with others to let others share in the happiness we feel.


The Meaning of a Smile

A smile can make the world happy. When you smile, you will not only look beautiful, but the people who see you also will be interested in your smile. But not everyone can do it. This time will try to explain the meaning of a smile.

A smile is the expression of the heart that can not be engineered. When we smile, but our hearts do not feel the smile or our hearts are upset and was sad, then the smile we give will taste bland for others. When we smile is a visualization of a sincere heart, then we smile will well receive by others.

Perfect Smile

Not everyone can smile even though everyone has lips and able to do so. Especially if the person is angry, then it is difficult to smile. When angry, as handsome or as beautiful as the face of any person, then it will turn into a scary and seem beautiful again.

If we reflect more deeply, a smile is an act that has its own value as respect for others. Because smiling is a good and noble nature. But a not rare smile was given to others used to tease. And this is due to a lot of people smile who fall in love.

Talking about the types and kinds and the meaning of a smile, then a lot of types and meanings embodied of a smile. Following in part the meaning of a smile:

Sincerity smile

Sincerity smile is a smile that comes from a heart that appears with the aim of happiness, honor, and respect for others. This smile shows the condition of a parallel between the lips with hearts.

Smile like this is able to increase familiarity and relationships in communicating with others. Either in direct communication with the media and intermediaries. Whether it is done to friend, parent, friend, lover or by persons unknown. In other words, even if the other person does not face to face or meet in person, but her smile vibration can be thrilling.

Smile fortitude

A smile that emerges from a male and mighty. A smile that emerges from the figure that is able to face a disaster and trials in life with courage and never complained.

Smile kink     

This smile usually comes from people who have the authority and have strength in living her life. Usually, they are people who have experienced a disaster or an ordeal is very heavy and they were able to overcome them. And were still able to smile when the face of disaster or the trial.

Carefree smile

A carefree smile is a smile that mischievous and intended to tease and get the heart and love of someone. A smile that can make a person's heart becomes melted and fell in love. This smile seemed to offer the hope of a love relationship.

Smile falsehood

An unfriendly smile. The smile-shaped anger and perhaps revenge. This smile arises due to feelings of resentment and hate us against the other party but we were not able to express it in words. 

The smile of happiness

This is a sincere smile from the heart. When someone we love comes to meet us, then the first thing we did was greeted with a smile. People who see a smile like this will be thrilled and be happy and get a peace.

Cynical smile

A smile that makes the viewer could be offended and hurt. This usually happens when we meet with people we hate, we'll give you a little smile with a hostile expression. Or it could be when we see the enemy get a calamity, then we will smile and feel happy over the suffering of others. Indeed deserve a smile that can not be done.

Forced smile

In fact, you do not want to smile with him. But due to the good or for the good work of others, then we had to give us a smile.

Thus meaning contained in a smile. I hope we can become people who smile for others. May be useful.